Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part 3

Whoops!!! Let's call this an early post for May...

A rest or catch-up month now... or start early for May...

This month's theme is "Add some bling". Hmm... the mind boggles... what can you add?

Diamontes, sequins, beads, gold paint, shiva sticks, metallic threads, buttons, charms????

Let's have some fun!!!

Happy Easter. :)


  1. Bling? Hmmm - Bling... OK, This will require some thought - gosh, this month will be challenge won't it girls? Off to find my thinking cap now.......

  2. Hi everyone.. How is everyone doing
    I think I have this working again

  3. Lorraine... Can the bling be added to a prievious block or does a new one have to be done

  4. Definitely Jo!! Add it to a previous bit, or make a new bit.

    Blogspot was down for about a week. Oh so annoying!