Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Part 2 - Are We Having Fun Yet?

Wow! I can't believe it's time for the next installment already!!

There has been a LOT of exciting discussion between the team comprising of four members. Much to my amusement, I have been excluded from quite a few shopping expeditions and discussions!! As this team has bonded very well, I am reluctant to change their group around.

However, I am making a change from 3 mini-teams to only 2 mini-teams. Please see the side bar to see who is in your group.

I am hoping this change will encourage a greater exchange of ideas and excitement for the other two teams, (who seem to have been a bit quiet I must say!!).

What's the next part of the challenge?

This month, the theme is applique.

Remember, you do not need to join the "circles" part directly onto the "applique" part. These can come together in some other way at a later time.

I look forward to communication and encouragement with my new team!!

Thanks for you all your comments so far. Keep it up!


  1. wow. I am excited. But I am not sure what to do.
    Andrea, you will be able to do your idea.
    Carolyn, great work.
    Now you are on your way and only have to decide what to do next.
    Wilma hopefully you have an idea.

    Cant wait to get started this month.

    Lorraine how do you want us to take/keep@share photos.

  2. Hhhmmm. Thinking cap is now on! As you all know I love applique .... but how to incorporate it with my original circle idea ... that is the question!

  3. yeess, I knew it would be applique...I'm very happy too.

  4. Hmm - perfect - ooppssss? Did I just say perfect? Now I can be cheeky and use what I have just done - but no, you all know me so much better than that - my applique will be a little (super very) challening! At least it is going to fit together - vbg.......

  5. i have decided on what i am going to do, now to do it.
    Carolyn good to see you excited.
    Andrea, i knew your block would fit in.
    Hopefully wilma has an idea.
    Lets get going

  6. Helpppppp!!!! I have only just found out about this (duh - you all know that Queenslanders are well and truly behind.) Here's yer proof. Will someone in Group A please give me all the "gen" in black & white (yes, I know it is in black & white now, but I want it in even more black & white), so I'm thinking either Rosie or Annie - Lorraine you are too busy, (when you get to my age, things are not quite as clear as they used to be!!! ) I can hear you all say, "good luck Sandra, you are sure going to need it".!!!

  7. Don't worry Sandra, you will be fine.

  8. Go team.
    I will be there on Sunday to see you all

  9. I think I posted my last comment on last months page.
    It was great to catch up at the shop today. We are all getting on ok. Go team