Monday, December 13, 2010

Your mission!

Your mission is to use the stimulus package provided and follow monthly instructions posted on this blog.

The aim is to stimulate our imaginations and to be in contact with our friends more regularly.

You must consult with your mini-team members (see side bar) at least once a month (by phone, email or in person) to provide guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration for each other.

Progress on the monthly goad can only be shared with yoru mini-team. You must complete the monthly task and report to your team by the due date.

You will only work on your own item. No mailing is required.

Answers to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
  1. When do I use the stimulus package? You don't have to use it all in the first month, but you can. Any part/s can be used at any time during the challenge.
  2. Are we making a medallion quilt? Not necessarily. Build on your item where and when you like. You can make a quilt if you like, or some other item.
  3. Why do we only talk to our mini-teams? Otherwise we might all do exactly the same thing to follow that month's instructions. Diversity is a good thing!
  4. When do we start? The first month's instructions will be posted here at the start of February and will be due to your mini-team at the start of March.
  5. How were the mini-teams chosen? Names were selected at random from a bag.